Nose Sunburn I just wanted you to know how much better Ralphie’s sunburn nose looks since we tried your natural Snout Soother. Ralphie is a¬†Great Pyrenees and his nose is both pink and black and sunburns easily. We live at a high elevation and Ralphie often would get sunburn on his nose. So after a…

Ralphie’s Nose Sunburn
  • Kristine Zanno
  • Heber City, Utah
Sir Brutus

Dry Dog Nose Attached is my gorgeous baby, Sir Brutus. He is 20 months old and has had a peeling, dry, and rough dog nose since he was about 8 months old. I have tried several other natural products on his rough dog nose to no avail. I was searching the web one afternoon in…

Sir Brutus’ Rough Dog Nose
  • Kimberly Dayton
  • Ohio

A Sore Nose Hi! Rocky had a very sore nose before we tried your all natural product, Snout Soother. It only took one week of daily applications for the dry skin on his sore nose to go away and his nose is completely clear and looks well moisturized. He doesn’t even flinch when we pet…

Rocky’s Sore Nose
  • Gisela Vas
  • Dublin, Ireland

My dog, Eddie, a French Bulldog, has had a very dry snout for as long as I can remember. Poor guy! It looks painful and I can only imagine how bad it hurts him. We decided to try your product, Snout Soother, on Eddie’s dry snout. He loved it and it was very easy for…

Eddie’s Dry Snout
  • Adam Wojtus
  • Ontario, Canada

Thank you for your product, Snout Soother. After LeRoy, our Bouvier des Flanders’, vet suggested he was doomed to “crusty nose syndrome,” he suggested that it may be a form of lupus. The vet told us there was no known cure for crusty nose syndrome. I was feeling absolutely powerless to help him while watching…

Crusty Nose Syndrome
  • Thom DelForge
  • Normal, Illinois