I bought the small travel size Skin Soother to test out on my dogs irritated skin on his belly / groin and I am amazed at what a difference 3 days of using it has made!!!

  • Marie D.
  • Lompoc, CA

I noticed he had been licking his paws and decided to check them out and they looked terrible! His paws were missing hair, really red, inflamed, and oozing. The worst I had ever seen them get.

Odin Red Oozing Paws
  • Kayla
  • Tacoma, WA

We didn’t honestly know where to start in getting our dog allergy rashes healed, until our friend gave us this .25oz tin of awesomeness aka Skin Soother. Overnight his paws have drastically gotten better. I cannot wait for his rashy paws to finally be healed!!

Nox’s rashy paws
  • Ivy
  • Pedro-Woolley, WA

The healing results with Skin Soother on her allergy blisters were amazing – we can’t thank you enough! Fans for life!!

Boston’s healed allergy blisters
  • Katrina
  • Murfreesboro, TN

Her allergy shots dry her nose out horribly. I took a chance on Snout Soother, hoping to relieve her misery 🙁 We have been using Snout Soother regularly and are amazed at how great this product is! Her nose is no longer dry and crusty but soft and smooth and her breathing is much improved.

Sofie’s Seasonal Allergies
  • Theresa Penning
  • Austin Texas

I put Skin Soother on areas that she scratches the most, she enjoys a little massage and it really does wonders for her allergy irritation. She’s hardly ever scratching now!