Woof, Woof! Another Satisfied Customer

Dog nose fungus doesn’t sound pretty–and it sure isn’t! Just ask Beanie the Boxer, a dog who once had fungus growing on her nose causing a scaly, rough dog nose that was painful to the touch. That is until her mom discovered all-natural  Snout Soother for dogs, now Beanie’s dog nose is happily fungus-free.

We enjoyed Beanie’s testimony so much we wanted to share it with everyone. Hopefully Beanie’s experience with boxer nose fungus can help other dogs out there find the relief they so desperately deserve.


This is the before and after Snout Soother photos of Beanie, a boxer that developed a nose fungus. Luckily her mom searched ‘Boxer Nose Fungus’ and found Snout Soother, now her boxer nose is healthy and fungus-free.

“We had a recent move across country and during that time I noticed our boxer, Beanie, had a rough looking patch on her nose. Since we were moving, I didn’t get a chance to take her to the vet and it got bigger and more irritated looking and she didn’t want it touched. I was worried it was some kind of fungus, so once we got settled in the new house, I googled “boxer nose fungus” and the first link was for Snout Soother.  I read through the testimonials and was very impressed so I placed an order. Within just 3 days of using Snout Soother, the rough, scaly skin was gone and her nose was looking shiny and healthy again. After a week of applying every day, I switched to once a week to maintain her new, beautiful nose!

“I just wanted to thank you for your awesome product! As you can see from the pics, you have another very satisfied customer! So glad we found you!”

Denise Berge from Peoria, Arizona

Denise and Beanie, thank you for your purchase and we are so glad to help adorable Beanie out with his boxer nose fungus. Another happy dog means our motto is working: Heal, Soothe, Wag. The more dogs we are able to help, the more dog tails wag all over the world–including the tails here at Natural Dog. Discover the healing powers of Snout Soother, your dog is sure to thank you.

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