“Winter Is Coming…” Facing Real-Life Paw Problems with Pets

The overwhelming popularity of the HBO series, “Game of Thrones,” comes with an ominous warning, “Winter is coming…” This describes the onset of much harsher times approaching this fantasy land full of dragons and warlords. But here in the real world, there’s more of a clear and present danger when it comes to protecting our pets during these colder months.

Let’s face it, cold is cold! When it comes to frigid, winter months, we should take extra precautions with where our pets will be walking. Whether it be through paths of ice and snow commonly found in country setting or salty sidewalks of the cities, all of these situations present possible problems and health risks. Although socks, boots or other foot-related accoutrements are a possible solution, if you’ve seen some of the pet-friendly videos available on the internet, watching a cat or dog walk around in mittens or socks, is comical at best.

While not all animals react negatively to wearing “clothes,” some still do and even putting a protective layer of fabric on an animal’s feet may cause further problems. For example, depending upon the type of material these “shoes” are made from, they could soak up moisture and cause other issues from mildew and moisture. A well-soaked shoe could also freeze and this could lead to even bigger problems with frostbite.

Take A More Defensive Approach

For a much better approach, think about trying Pawtection, an all-natural, organic mix of waxes and oils specifically designed to create a barrier to protect their delicate paws from the elements. Not just ice and snow, but the chemicals that some cities, counties and other government agencies use to deter the buildup of ice on streets and sidewalks.

Aftermath Application

Even when we’re utilizing extra caution and care with our animals, sometimes winter can leave our pet’s paws dry, chapped, cracked and aching from exposure to the frigid elements. If your animal’s tender feet are needing some extra TLC, apply Paw Soother to ease these woes.

Similar to the protection available from Pawtection, Paw Soother is made with only 100% natural ingredients and perfectly formulated to help with issues associated with their paws. You might be thinking they’ll simply lick it off and this could pose even more threats to our pet’s health, but these organic solutions are also vegan and chemical free.

About The Author: Sloan McKinney is a journalist based in Southern California. After writing about pop culture for a number of years, she has recently begun writing for a new audience. Inspired by DeAnthony, her cat, as well as her dog Max, Sloan now hopes to help other pet owners guarantee their animal companions happy and healthy lives.