Why Dogs Are Barking About Organic Sweet Almond Oil Benefits

For months, maybe even years, you’ve been staring at a crusty dog nose, perhaps it is also discolored or even flaking off. No matter what you try, nothing seems to work. Then, just as you almost give up hope, you discover our soothing dog balm, Snout Soother. Within days of spreading a nice layer of Snout Soother over your dog’s crusty nose you notice the dry, chapped flakes beginning to heal. Your dog’s demeanor begins to improve as moisture returns to their previously dry dog nose, and you wonder—how does Natural Dog Company do it?



Healthy dogs are happy pups!

It wasn’t all a game of fetch creating a line of soothing natural dog products but all of the hard work has proven well worthwhile. Every last ingredient included must play an important role in healing dry dog noses and cracked paws, without any negative side effects or questionable sources. One of the proven beneficial ingredients naturally sourced is organic sweet almond oil.

Sweet almond oil is a non-greasy moisturizer that does not leave any oily residue behind, as so many other similar products can. Almond oil slowly absorbs into the skin so that it provides active healing throughout the day. The useful quality of sweet almond oil has been recognized in many industries, prompting its use in massage therapy, aromatherapy, and hair care. Plus, it’s safe enough to use on infants, and moisturizing enough to use as a wood conditioner!  Not only is sweet almond oil a great moisturizer, but it can also help reduce inflammation issues as well. At Natural Dog, we want your dog to experience the healing benefits of almond oil as it works alongside our other valuable ingredients to provide soothing relief to dry dog noses and dog paws.

Where Does Organic Sweet Almond Oil Originate?


Sweet almonds contain 44% oils, these oils are incredibly moisturizing and play a big role in Snout Soother’s ability to heal dry dog noses.

Sweet almond trees (aprunus amygdalus var. dulcis tree) grow as a native plant in South Asia and the Middle East. Not only are almonds eaten by themselves, sold both shelled and unshelled, but they are also used to make a variety of other products. Have you ever heard of almond milk? Or almond butter? Almonds are tasty and they also offer a healthy solution to other ingredients. Almonds carry a lot of oils, in fact about 44% of total almond content is made up of oils. But beware of the 2  types of nuts, sweet and bitter almonds, both of which come from similar but different trees. While sweet almonds have many healing attributes, bitter almonds can produce deadly effects if not properly prepared thanks to high levels of cyanide. We source all of our sweet almond oil carefully and from trusted locations to guarantee our products only contain pure all-natural sweet almond oil.

Organic Sweet Almond Oil For Your Sweet Dog


Hi-five pups! We utilize the healing properties of sweet almond oil, creating a soothing dog balm that heals dry skin including dry dog noses, and dry dog paws.

We wouldn’t put anything less than the best in our organic, natural dog products, we selected almond oil  specifically based on its natural moisturizing properties and ability to soften dry skin, while balancing the amount of moisture skin maintains over time. So long as your dog has no nut allergies, almond oil is 100% safe to use on their paws, nose, and even coat. Since one of Snout Soother’s main ingredients includes nut oils, it’s no surprise your dog might want to lick at it. No worries if they do, considering it’s 100% safe to consume, and Snout Soother will still work even if your dog licks off most of


Organic Sweet almond oil is putting a smile on dog faces everywhere, allow us to provide answers and explain why!

it. Heck, even humans admit using this soothing balm on their own lips and feet. The key is to apply our all natural dog balm as needed, and make sure to apply some before bedtime, while your dog sleeps their body goes into healing mode, allowing Snout Soother to provide the most benefits possible. While Snout Soother is fairly resilient to dog licks, the more time it has to penetrate, the better results you will get. Keep in mind, distractions work wonders, try giving your pup a raw dog bone or bark-worthy treat so that Snout Soother has a few undisturbed minutes to soak in and truly start working its magic!

Snout Soother combines sweet almond oil and a number of other all-natural, healthy ingredients proven to provide a dry dog nose remedy that works on any skin surface. Thanks to Snout Soother’s convenient packaging, you can soothe your dog’s dry nose without any mess; simply use our easy to apply dog balm. We thank sweet almond oil for helping our passion continue to thrive--saving the world, one snout at a time!

Ready to be amazed? Try Snout Soother risk free, we guarantee your dog will thank you with lots of kisses from a very moist nose!