What Does Your Dog Want From Santa Paws This Year?


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It’s that time of year again, the weather is getting colder and holiday decorations adorn crackling fireplaces everywhere! Pets know what time of year it is too, they can smell it in the air and see it all around them. They even know what everyone is getting for the holidays, as they have full access viewing of everyone wrapping presents.  We are true pet people around here, so our holiday shopping starts with our furry friends. After all, there’s nothing a dog loves more than having their very own gift to unwrap, just like the rest of the pack family! Put some bark into your celebrations and give your dog something to be surprised about this year.

One of our Celebrity Dogs, Pumpkin, sure has a lot of wishes on her letter to Santa Paws this year. First of all she wants belly rubs, you can never get enough nice deep scratches—you know, the ones that make a dog’s leg wave uncontrollably in the air!  Next on her list is Snout Soother, you see Pumpkin can’t live without the stuff or else she deals with an uncomfortable, crusty, and, chapped dog nose; plus she likes the way it feels when the soothing balm glides on. Next on the list is bacon, it’s just so good, and she doesn’t see why she can’t have it for every meal. Also very near and dear to Pumpkin’s heart are shelter dogs, therefore she wishes for a fur-ever home for every dog without a family.

Remember it’s not just the holidays, but it’s the howl-idays too, so let your pets in on the fun. The way we see it, our dogs bless us with presents every day, why not use this special time of year to gift them back?

We treasure our customers and all of their furry friends, which is why we are offering 15% off all orders right now through the holidays. Enjoy saving money while also providing your dog with the relief and comfort Snout Soother naturally supplies. From one pet lover to another, we wish you all the happiest Christmas, and a dog-gone great New Year!

Warm Wishes,

The Natural Dog Company

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