Watch How Bella the Frenchie Heals Her Dry Dog Nose

How do our customers use Snout Soother? Where and when do they apply it, and how do their dogs respond to the process?

Our new weekly feature is going to answer these questions and more! Snout Soother is an all-natural dry nose remedy for dogs, proven to treat a number of ailments including allergies, canine hyperkeratosis, and much more! This week, meet Bella the Frenchie as she receives her application of Snout Soother, the all-natural dog balm, Bella doesn’t appear to LOVE her mother’s fingers all over her nose. Nonetheless, she lets her apply the soothing balm, perhaps knowing what her dog nose feels and looks like without Snout Soother.


Snout Soother has been getting a lot of media attention lately from some of the cutest dogs around the world. We love to receive fun videos and photos of the dogs Snout Soother helps on a regular basis, it fills our heart with so much gratitude. Natural Dog wants to help as many canines as we possibly can; after all, we are on a mission: saving the world, one snout at a time!

Purchase Snout Soother for any dry dog nose conditions and your dog is sure to thank you.

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