Uncover Your Dog’s Diamond In The ‘Ruff’ With Snout Shine! A New Ultra Healing Gloss for Your Pup’s Dry Nose.

Dog Owners Everywhere: Your dog’s nose is highly sensitive and can quickly cause pain to your pooch if the tissue is left dry, chapped, or cracked. Natural Dog Company’s Snout Shine is an organic, all-natural and vegan gloss fortified to quickly heal unhealthy noses and transform them into smooth, shiny sniffers that they’ll be proud to lead the pack with!





Ruff, how did your nose get so pretty and shinny?! Snout Shine, of course!

Snout Shine is an organic high-performance oil supercharged with essential nutrients and antioxidants and perfected to heal your furry friend’s damaged nose while adding healthy vibrancy and shine. Snout Shine provides an easy and effective solution to dry, damaged, or dull noses and is the perfect addition to your pup’s daily beauty regime. Whether they are competing in show, or simply strutting their fluff down the street, your pup will be leading the way with dazzlin’ shine.

There are several key factors when considering dog nose health. Allergies, genetic diseases, skin irritations, weather conditions, and a weak immune system can all cause your dog’s nose tissue to become dry and uncomfortable. In extreme cases, dog noses will crack or even appear to form extra growth. Thankfully, Natural Dog Company has created this holistic healing formula that provides critical nourishing benefits, and leaves noses with a healthy shine!


It’s time to get nosey with your dog! A smooth, moist snout makes for a happy, healthy canine.

Since Natural Dog released their first product, Snout Soother ®, the company has rapidly grown in popularity. Natural Dog started out as a small dog-loving brand from Texas, and has now ballooned into a global company that ships to over 40 countries—and growing.

It’s not just what Snout Shine® does that sets it apart, but also how the product is made. Founder of Natural Dog Company, Elice Davis, says, “My goal from day one has always been to provide the safest and most beneficial products to dogs big and small, all over the world.”

With every last ingredient carefully sourced, owners can feel confident when they use Snout Shine®. After all, it is safe enough for humans, but made just for dogs—all the way down to the smell.

The ingredients that make Snout Shine® so incredible include: Organic Castor Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Shea Nut Oil, Organic Sweet Almond Oil, Rose Hip Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, and Natural Vitamin E.

Snout Shine® is organic, all natural and 100% vegan! To learn more visit the official Natural Dog website.

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