The ‘Olfactic Dog Nose’ Allows You To Borrow Your Dog’s Sense Of Smell And Enjoy Food Even More… Seriously!

You are likely thinking: how in the world could you borrow your dog’s nose?! Thanks to a strange new gadget called the Olfactic Dog Nose you can get a taste for what it is like to smell with the super powers of your dog’s moist snout.


The Olfactic Dog Nose may change the way you enjoy food, or perhaps even inspire you to become a clown!

British food creator Charlie Harry Francis is the man behind this odd invention that resembles a round black clown nose. Here’s how it works: you soak the ‘dog nose’ in water for 10 minutes prior to enjoying a meal, then simply strap it on and get ready to experience food in a whole new way.

The Olfactic Dog Nose ‘moistens your nasal cavity’ and improves your ability to pick up every last scent and flavor in your meal. One of the reasons your dog is capable of smelling every last thing in their immediate surroundings and beyond is because they have a moist snout. The Olfactic Dog Nose works the same way, by bringing moisture to your nose.


Photo Credit: Rachel Oakley

Just like your dog, if your nose is dry you cannot taste or smell things with the same clarity. Francis told the Daily Meal, “Without this, a strawberry just tastes sweet, it doesn’t taste of strawberry. In the same way as our eyes don’t work well in the dark, our nose doesn’t work well if it’s dry. The Olfactic Dog Nose works by introducing a warm moist buffer between your nasal cavity and the outside air, which moistens the mucous membranes in your nose allowing them dislodge any irritants and making them better able to dissolve odorants into your mucus lining so they can be detected by your olfactory receptors.”


Not to burst your bubble or anything, but your dog’s nose still smells supreme even if you are wearing the Olfactic Dog Nose!

Does that mean you will be able to smell with the same clarity as your dog? Not so fast, even while wearing the Olfactic Dog Nose your dog will still beat you at any smelling or tasting competition. That’s because dogs have far more olfactory receptors to begin with, so while a moist nose will help you smell better it won’t help your brain develop the receptors necessary to smell as many scents as your dog is capable of detecting.

Charlie Francis is a well known for his wild inventions, including an ice cream made with jellyfish protein and a price tag topping $200 per scoop. He is also the inventor of an edible mist machine that produces flavorful mists for many favorite foods, all of which contain zero calories. You can rent or purchase the machine, which sells for $8,400 in the UK.

Francis’ Olfactic Dog Nose is a part of his larger Human Cookbook movement, which is focused on teaching people how to enjoy food even more using a variety of exercisers such as, sensory deprivation, eating after a strenuous work out and wearing a dog nose.

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