Thank You Working Dogs! A Labor Day Message For ALL Canines


Don’t forget to grant working dogs the appreciation they deserve this Labor Day!

Labor Day is celebrated on the first Monday of every September in honor of all working people. Not just people have jobs though. At Natural Dog, we would like to extend our appreciation to all of the working dogs out there.

Working dogs don’t spend their mornings lounging on the sofa, or their afternoons playing a lazy game of fetch, instead they go to work and give it their all. While all types of dogs can be working dogs, certain breeds are specifically referred to as working dog breeds. The Akita, Alaskan Malamute, Bullmastiff, and Great Dane are a few dogs well known for their hard working spirit and ability to stay on task under tiring or distracting conditions.

You might be wondering, what sorts of jobs do dogs really have? Canines keep all sorts of jobs, you never know, one day a working dog might help you.


Working dogs hold all sorts of positions, from military dogs to therapy dogs.

The police use K-9 dogs to help catch criminals and keep the public safe. Hospitals and rehabilitation centers hire dogs as therapy workers. Dogs help farmers herd livestock, all in order to fill the shelves at your local grocery store. Search and rescue dogs save lives all of the time, they also help find closure for grieving families. Thousands of dogs work alongside the military, even in dangerous regions such as the Middle East. Those that have a dog or two working alongside them don’t know what they would do without them, after all no human has the same capabilities as a canine—you know anyone that walks on two legs and can smell a bomb? I sure don’t!

Dogs do all kinds of jobs, but most incredibly perhaps, they don’t do it for money or notoriety but because they are a true friend. Dogs are incredibly loyal and caring, give them food, water, shelter, and a few kisses and they are happy to be your best friend, doing whatever you ask of them.

Some working dogs go on to live a wonderful retirement, full of all the love and pampering they deserve. Other working dogs are not so lucky; some end up in bad homes while others lose their lives before they have a chance to retire, just trying to do what they are told, complete a job well done. In light of all of these dogs, we give thanks and tribute.


If you own a dog you are guaranteed more giggles, love and happiness!

Even if your dog doesn’t work and instead lives a pampered life as the family pet, they are still working hard. It’s a proven fact that dog owners live longer than non-dog owners.

Other benefits of owning a dog, for all ages of people, include:

-Healthier weight

-Lower blood pressure

-Improved cardiovascular and fitness

-Higher self-esteem

According to statistics provided by The Atlantic, German and Australian dog owners visit the doctor 12-15% less often than their pet-less neighbors. They also use up fewer sick days from work .

All of these figures mean that with or without a job, your dog is working. In fact, your dog does more for you than most employees could ever do for their boss—no matter how many overtime hours are worked.


Reward your hard working dog for all of the love and friendship they give you this Labor Day.

People fought hard to make Labor Day an official holiday in 1885, when the first movements to legalize the holiday were put into motion. Since it remains unknown who exactly came up with the idea for Labor Day, it’s fair game to guess a dog helped inspire the idea.After all, dogs are incredibly hard working, and happily so!

While paying tribute to all of the working people this Labor Day, don’t forget to pay tribute to all of the service dogs out there, working hard everyday to keep the world safe and full of smiles.

Don’t forget to thank your own canine either, after all they work hard to keep you healthy and happy everyday of the year.

All of us at Natural Dog would like to wish an extra special Labor Day to all of the dogs out there, we thank you for all of your pawsome work!

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