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Introducing: Wrinkle Balm!

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chronic crusty snout


My pug has had chronic crusty snout since he was a baby and I attributed it as “just a pug thing”. Vaseline didn’t work, until I found Snout Soother.
splintered nose healed with Snout Soother


I saw results in her splintered nose in less than a week of using Snout Soother!! The dry chunks were coming off and her nose started to look moisturized!
pug dry wrinkles


As a pug, you have to clean the wrinkles daily, and you can get really dry wrinkles from cleaning so frequently. Wrinkle Balm made a huge difference!

Coconut oil didn't work for Daisy Mae

We've tried coconut oil and some other pet safe creams...nothing really worked. I decided to give Snout Soother a try and in less than a week there was a huge difference!

Baxter Pug with Hyperkeratosis

Our dog Baxter has always had a rough nose, but his hyperkeratosis got worse over the years. We tried some nose conditioning treatments from the groomer, but they never helped at all. We ordered Snout Soother and within 24 hours of the first application, all the rough spots on his nose fell off!


We just bought the 5 pack trial size, including Snout Soother. It is already making a difference after 2 days of use, which is Amazing!

Elvis with a Dry Pug Nose

I felt terrible, I just knew that his dry pug nose was hurting him! So I decided to look into Snout Soother. I was so happy to get quick results and my boy has his nose back! I will definitely continue using Snout Soother.

Pugs and Kisses Love Natural Dog Company

Snout Soother moisturizes and heals our noses so much better than anything our mom has ever tried before! It is almost like magic! Now thanks to Snout Soother our noses are soft and supple every day! We love the fact that it is safe and natural and of course our mom loves that too.

Dozer, Peanut, Magnum, Butter, Bruno, Pebbles

Since starting the use the Wrinkle Balm his skin no longer looks pink/red and irritated, and the smell has significantly reduced.


Although she's very touchy about her nose, she actually likes putting on the Snout Soother.


Snout soother has completely healed his crusty nose out and he looks so much better!

No More Dry Noses

skin gunk

Meeko's Skin

Upon applying some Wrinkle Balm on his lower half, the brown gunk came off his skin almost immediately, leaving my dog's skin clearer than I've ever seen it!


I tried Paw Soother to heal his ruff paw pads and I was amazed it took only 3 days for his paws to look so much better than they did before! Now after a very long time, with regular use of PawTector - his paws are so smooth and soft!


Brutus' pug nose was typical...It looked like a dried out concrete boulder with gnarly stalagmites growing along the lick-ridge. Snout Soother is AMAZING!


As you can see, there is significantly less crust and no other cleaning was done, we only applied the Snout Soother daily.


His paws suffer from harsh conditions and they get dried out really often. Natural Dog Company's Paw Soother helped us restore her paws to perfect conditions in just a few weeks. Thank you!


I received the snout shine and am very pleased with your product. My pug Audrey has had dry nose since I've adopted her almost 2 years ago. I tried many things but nothing ever worked until now.

Pug Donut

Buddy Love The Pug

Buddy and Gretta Rose from Pugs and Kisses are sweet hearts. Gretta Rose asked Buddy to be her Valentine…

The Bumblesnot

He’s dedicated to the pursuit of food, sleeping and a slew of disgusting habits.

Gretta Rose

Nothing we have ever tried before has done such an amazing job. Mom says you have customers for life!!


We're in LOVE with Natural Dog Company 's new PawTector.


had a case of "Pug nose"
dry pu nose

LuLu Bella's Dry Pug Nose

After I put it on she licks it, which is good, as she is just licking it in into her dry pug nose. Both Lulu and I am so thankful for Snout Soother.