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Loki the Corgi's Soft Nose & Paws

I love love love my Snout Soother, it keeps my nose super soft and moist during the harsh Canadian winters. They also work wonders on my dry paws too!


I was using PawTector in the morning and Paw Soother at night. One week later, her paws are a lot softer and you can barely see the cracks!

No More Dry Noses


Phineas’ Paws

After using the Paw Soother I've noticed the dryness go away and his paws are as soft as they've ever been. I'm truly so happy with this purchase!
snout soother

Bosco Loves Snout Soother

I wanted to tell you how wonderful the Snout Soother is. We have two Boston Terriers and since moving to Arizona, notice that both of their noses get really dry.
bleeding nose


a bad case of what we lovingly refer to as "The Crud"
thick brown nose