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wrinkle goo


My Frenchie's wrinkles started to itch, develop wrinkle goo and soon inflammation set it in - regardless of good wrinkle hygiene! After 10 days of using the Wrinkle Balm we've seen the redness and swelling go down!
french bulldog allergies


French bulldog allergies and skin issues are common for such a sensitive breed. I’ve tried other skin balms but nothing works like Skin Soother!
puppy acne


Palmer struggled with puppy acne for many months. We tried prescription ointment, medicated wipes and even switched his bowls with no improvement. Finally, we came across the products from Natural Dog Company on Facebook and decided to give it a try. Now thanks to your products, Palmer’s canine acne has completely cleared up can continue breaking hearts.


raw and irritated


Within 4 days of using the Paw Soother, the raw and irritated skin on his paws completely cleared up! I was SO happy!
Severe hot spots


Oakley had very severe hot spots on her chest and under her arms. After a couple weeks of using Skin Soother her hot spots went away!
massive improvement


Vaseline didn't help at all. Snout Soother works amazingly! With just one application, there was massive improvement on my dogs dry and cracked nose.
roughest paws


French Bulldog had the roughest paws. After just 5 days of using the Paw Soother her paws are all much smoother.
dry looking dog nose


Her nose looks totally different after using Snout Soother. Even after 1 day the skin was no longer cracked and dry looking.
Tried coconut oil with no results

Ryland Tried Coconut Oil First...

I tried coconut oil and other natural remedies to heal my Frenchie's dry nose, but I wasn't able to get results until I tried Snout Soother. I'm amazed!
French bulldog Amelia before and after
Brody after using Paw Soother


I purchased the travel pack that comes with 5 small products. I used the Paw Soother on my French bullldog Brody, and it works miracles!!

Angel Bear's Painful Nose with dry pieces

Her poor nose was so dry, it had dry pieces sticking up and it looked painful. I applied Snout Soother last night and today all the dry skin is gone! Her nose looks so much better and I can't believe that happened after only using it twice.

Gracie Hardened Nose

My French Bulldog came back from Dog Training camp with a hardened nose. :( It's only been 2 days of using Snout Soother and her nose is already looking great...almost as soft as it was before she left.

Snout Soother saved Bruno's dry, scaly nose

After about 2 weeks we could notice improvement in his dry, scaly nose. After about a month his nose is soft and wet again! Snout Soother is awesome and I would definitely recommend it!

Pierre Brando's Puppy Snout

Thank you so much Natural Dog Company for providing us with Snout Soother that heals, protects and doesn’t harm him when he inevitably licks it. We will continue to use this all year round for his puppy snout!

Henry has Stenotic Nares Surgery

We noticed his nose was super dry and cracked! We applied Snout Soother daily and VOILA! His nose instantly was smooth and shiny again!
nose texture

Sir Charles Barkley Nose Texture

After just a couple days of using Snout Soother, we’ve already noticed a difference in the texture of his nose!
irritated dog wrinkles

@king_b0wser and his stinky face

One week of using wrinkle balm his infection has cleared and his wrinkles are no longer itchy and stinky!

Dozer, Peanut, Magnum, Butter, Bruno, Pebbles

Since starting the use the Wrinkle Balm his skin no longer looks pink/red and irritated, and the smell has significantly reduced.


Every year he gets red, bumpy and itchy. I wanted something natural that actually works. We were very pleased with the results with organic Skin Soother.


After just one use of Paw Soother, the difference was extremely noticeable! His paws now have a hydrated shine and feel smooth to the touch. Thanks to Snout Soother, his nose is brighter, smells amazing and just overall brightens little Percy up. After a nice bath, the Wrinkle Balm was a nice touch and definitely prevents that awful smell and keeps his coat from darkening and changing colors.
dog paw pads


His paws are already looking better after 1 week of apply the Paw Soother and PawTector. He's a constant paw licker and I'm glad the product is entirely natural and safe if licked.


After just two days of applying the Snout Soother, the dry crusty skin on his nose just flaked off! I love that it's all-natural!


Lily constantly had a “crusty” nose. I never expected Snout Soother to work as fast and well as it did. And it is made from natural ingredients!


Bruce is a 7 months old French bulldog. Snout Soother really helps for dry, cracked, noses and perfectly hydrates my little baby's nose.


I am beyond happy with the Snout Soother, I'm actually AMAZED by it! Foxy's nose is completely healed, completely and just after 3 days, unreal.

Benny & Lily


After just a couple days of using Snout Soother, we’ve already noticed a difference in the texture of his nose!

French Bulldog Rescue


His nose was completely healed...


I tried coconut oil first but it didn't help.

Tito the Frenchie

The first time I put it on my 2 year old french bulldog it did miracles.

Pierre Brando

From the start, Pierre was destined for bigger and better things than just his parents’ Instagram accounts between selfies, sunsets and photos of food.


Is an only child and was born in Taiwan 28th May 2011, he then moved to Hong Kong where he was discovered by his loving Mum and Dogfather.

Sumo and Buddha

They are the cute frenchies in a pink scooter from Instagram.


Your product is easy to use, smells great and as you can see it works great for dry dog noses.


From the first call to order the Natural Dog Snout Soother, your company was a pleasure to deal with!!

Owen & Oliver

I am excited that I have found the product again through a web search, as it is the only thing that has worked on my Frenchies!


hyperkeratosis in dogs
dog's nose is chapped

Russell the Dog's Nose is Chapped

Our dog's nose is chapped so I ordered a sample of Snout Soother to try on his crusty nose and it arrived quickly. I noticed a big difference in his nose overnight after the first use!
eddie's dry snout

Eddie's Dry Snout