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PAWsoother and PAWtection helped our boxers paws from an intense climate change with us moving to West Texas! Their paws are looking amazing!

  • Katherine
  • Texas
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Bulldog dermatitis “My bulldogs were experiencing horrible dermatitis, one broke out in a red rash and the other was suffering from hot spots. I was desperate to try anything I could find that might help give my dogs relief. Once I read the reviews I was like – “only one application and you can see…

  • Angelica
  • Vacaville, CA

We have tried everything to heal her hot spot from diet to antibiotics, but nothing worked until we found the Skin Soother.

  • N. Cooper

It’s Magic! We have been trying to combat a dry and cracked bully nose for a VERY long time. I feel like we have tried EVERYTHING. I’ve ordered stuff online, made purchases in pet stores, and even consulted my vet. Snout Soother is the only product we have used that gives us amazing results in…

  • Samantha
  • Hoopeston, IL

Nucky’s brown, crusty appearance faded and his snout looked a lot smoother and turned back to it’s natural black colour. This balm is amazing and the fact that it’s natural and organic is icing on the cake!

  • Sacha R.
  • Toronto, Canada

Our English Bulldog constantly has a dry nose throughout the winter months. Natural Dog Company’s Snout Soother saved our bully’s nose!

  • Jennifer B.
  • Conshohocken, PA

Natural Dog Company Snout Soother is a miracle product! Our English Bulldog’s nose was so dry & cracked, in a matter of days her cute little nose was nice and shiny once again!

  • Ximena
  • Pomona, CA
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