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very active pup


My pup who's very active and she tends to tear/rip her paw pads. After just one use of Paw Soother I could tell a difference! I love that it smoothes her rough paws and is also all natural!
dry paws to moist paws with paw soother


My dogs dry dog paws were absolutely rough and dry. With Paw Soother, I've noticed such a huge difference with his paws - they are moist and as soft as silk.


The fact that I applied just a thin amount amazed me because of the difference it made. It made my dogs paws feel and look much smoother. Definitely would recommend!
roughest paws healed with Paw Soother


My dog had the roughest paws, they felt as though they're ready to crack at any minute. I invested in the Paw Soother and it made such a difference!
rottweiler paws healed with Paw Soother


Rescued puppy mill Rottweiler has very cracked paws from spending most of her life stuck in the backyard. It's like night and day after using Paw Soother!
Repairing years of paw damage


Wisconsin winter, salt, and ice have dried out her poor feet...but thanks to Natural Dog Company Paw Soother, we are repairing years of damage.
Customer for life!


Let me start by saying that I will be a customer for life! His paws used to be rough and cracked. After using Paw Soother they're now smooth & healthy.
Brody after using Paw Soother


I purchased the travel pack that comes with 5 small products. I used the Paw Soother on my French bullldog Brody, and it works miracles!!

Stacy gets great Paw Soother results with dog socks!

After an hour with their little socks and the Paw Soother, I can already feel a difference in their paw pads. It worked like a charm!

Zoe with paw cracks

After only a few applications of Paw Soother we were able to see a MAJOR improvement in her paws. Her paw cracks are almost gone and she is much happier!

Carolina heals her scratchy gray paws

Before they were so dry, rough and almost a gray color. Her paws are completely healed and soft to the touch. Instead of the scratchy gray shade, her paws are nice and shiny - almost like when she was a puppy!


We use PawTector every time before we go out and Paw Soother after our day time activities and her paws are now smoother than ever!

Kenny Rogers

My golden retriever loves his PawTecor! It smells great, is really soft and keeps them healthy and not dry!

Miss Teagan

Paw Soother is amazing!! She loves getting her "Pawdicure" and that makes this momma very happy =) thank you so much!!


The PawTector and Paw Soother have really made a difference in healing and protecting his paws!


I was using PawTector in the morning and Paw Soother at night. One week later, her paws are a lot softer and you can barely see the cracks!

Phineas’ Paws

After using the Paw Soother I've noticed the dryness go away and his paws are as soft as they've ever been. I'm truly so happy with this purchase!
instant results


I have not previously tried any other product on her paws, and after trying the Paw Soother I have no reason to. I absolutely love the instant results made for her dry paws and I can't wait to see the long term affects.
paw soother


I looked at his paws and they were rough dried out and all cracked. I went and ordered some Paw Soother and it was a very fast delivery. I saw a definite transformation in his dry paws after just one day!


I tried Paw Soother to heal his ruff paw pads and I was amazed it took only 3 days for his paws to look so much better than they did before! Now after a very long time, with regular use of PawTector - his paws are so smooth and soft!


After just one use of Paw Soother, the difference was extremely noticeable! His paws now have a hydrated shine and feel smooth to the touch. Thanks to Snout Soother, his nose is brighter, smells amazing and just overall brightens little Percy up. After a nice bath, the Wrinkle Balm was a nice touch and definitely prevents that awful smell and keeps his coat from darkening and changing colors.
dog paw pads


His paws are already looking better after 1 week of apply the Paw Soother and PawTector. He's a constant paw licker and I'm glad the product is entirely natural and safe if licked.


I've been using Paw Soother and PawTector for the last two weeks now and you can already see improvement! I would totally recommend these to everyone!


The Paw Soother started healing his dry paws within just a few days of applying, and the PawTector has been great for protecting his paws in our varying weather patterns and terrain in the Midwest.


His paws suffer from harsh conditions and they get dried out really often. Natural Dog Company's Paw Soother helped us restore her paws to perfect conditions in just a few weeks. Thank you!


I just rubbed Paw Soother in once a night and 3 weeks later his paws are soooo nice! My dog actually enjoyed it.


Paw Soother and PawTector. The smell is amazing! I saw a difference after only one application.


Since we began using the Paw Soother he hasn't been chewing on his paws and they feel soft and healthy. It only took about a week for his paws to feel soft and smooth.


I noticed that their paws needed something, they were dry and cracked. I got the PawTector and the Paw Soother and started applying three times a day.  I would recommend everyone should get these paw product, they really work and it's the best investment.


I am SO happy I finally found Paw Soother because for the first time I’m seeing some results and have a happy puppy again.


We are so excited about the Paw Soother product and can't wait to see the difference it will make in his daily life!

Layla Ledo

I saw results within a week of just putting Paw Soother on at night with some baby socks. Thank you!


Not only would Paw Soother help her paws, but the ingredients were natural and wholesome, not synthetic chemicals that I could barely read. So, here we are over a week later and she already has softer, smoother paws.


I would recommend Paw Soother to everyone; it is gentle and very effective!


Better than ever!


after the rocksalt and ice this past winter and now hot pavement, your products have definitely been a paw saver!!


We are already seeing huge improvements in Maizee’s paws…after TWO uses!!


Pippa had this wound on her paw pad due to running full pelt on asphalt and coming to a screeching halt...


His paw pads were so rough and scratchy that you could actually hear the dry skin against the bed sheets.



We're in LOVE with Natural Dog Company 's new PawTector.