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extremely dry


Doberman has had extremely dry, cracked pads for months. I ordered the Paw Soother and literally had amazing results within 24 hours with two applications.
discolored paw pads


Golden Retriever developed very rough, discolored paw pads from the dry weather and heat. Paw Soother absorbs so quickly and after just a few days they were practically back to the dark, soft, spongey paws!
roughest paws


French Bulldog had the roughest paws. After just 5 days of using the Paw Soother her paws are all much smoother.
dry paws to moist paws with paw soother


My dogs dry dog paws were absolutely rough and dry. With Paw Soother, I've noticed such a huge difference with his paws - they are moist and as soft as silk.
Repairing years of paw damage


Wisconsin winter, salt, and ice have dried out her poor feet...but thanks to Natural Dog Company Paw Soother, we are repairing years of damage.

Stacy gets great Paw Soother results with dog socks!

After an hour with their little socks and the Paw Soother, I can already feel a difference in their paw pads. It worked like a charm!


We use PawTector every time before we go out and Paw Soother after our day time activities and her paws are now smoother than ever!

Miss Teagan

Paw Soother is amazing!! She loves getting her "Pawdicure" and that makes this momma very happy =) thank you so much!!


The PawTector and Paw Soother have really made a difference in healing and protecting his paws!


After just one use of Paw Soother, the difference was extremely noticeable! His paws now have a hydrated shine and feel smooth to the touch. Thanks to Snout Soother, his nose is brighter, smells amazing and just overall brightens little Percy up. After a nice bath, the Wrinkle Balm was a nice touch and definitely prevents that awful smell and keeps his coat from darkening and changing colors.


Bella's paws look beautiful!


She had a really bad crack on one of her paw and it healed up completely! Her paws are now soft and free from dryness and cracks.


She has such dry and painful paws, I was lucky to find Paw Soother, which healed them to better than new.
dry paws

Bentley's Dry Paws

I discovered Paw Soother and it has been amazing