What does my dog’s dry nose mean?

If your dog has a dry nose, here 4 steps you can take to soothe and heal that dry dog nose and prevent the issue from occurring again in the future.

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crusty dog nose

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little barnacles


My dog started to get ulcers and peeling skin on his nose. The vet said it was likely Discoid Lupus. After a week of using Snout Soother, you can see a big difference in my dog's nose.
chronic crusty snout


My pug has had chronic crusty snout since he was a baby and I attributed it as “just a pug thing”. Vaseline didn’t work, until I found Snout Soother.
happy sniffer


When I was looking for a solution to Rosy's crusty nose the French Bulldog on the packaging caught my attention when I came across your brand on an instagram account. Rosy has had a sore looking crusty nose since she reached adulthood but after only 7 days the difference is amazing. She's definitely a happy lil sniffer now!
radiation therapy


Kamy's nose condition appeared after she had radiation therapy for mouth cancer (malignant cutaneous lymphoma). I applied the Snout Soother twice daily and continue to do so. Her poor nose looked significantly better within the first 2 weeks.


Snout Soother healed hyperkeratosis


Vaseline and hydrocortisone cream weren't helping my dog's nose, Snout Soother healed Hyperkeratosis on my dog's nose within a week!
crusty stuff


She had this crusty stuff on her nose which started to occupy her left nostril. It's only been 2 weeks of daily use of Snout Soother and her dry nose is almost completely healed! So happy #SnoutSoother worked so well for my dog's dry and crusty nose.
massive improvement


Vaseline didn't help at all. Snout Soother works amazingly! With just one application, there was massive improvement on my dogs dry and cracked nose.
good as new!


After one week of using Snout Soother, pieces were falling off of him easily and it didn't bother him at all. Everyone is amazed at how quickly his nose healed up! Honestly once you see it working you won't want to stop applying - and soon enough your baby will be good as new!
nose so dry like a brick


chappy, dry nose healed with Snout Soother

Harley Fleming

Harley had a chappy, dry nose this winter and Snout Soother was very effective. His dry nose got significantly better over just one week.


German shepherd dry, flaking dog nose


German Shepherd snout was so dry to the point it was cracked, flaking, and bleeding. Snout Soother helped her dry dog nose look and feel so much healthier.
Excellent Product - Snout Soother


Just after 3 days of using Snout Soother I noticed a significant change in my dog's dry, crusty nose. Excellent product and great customer service!
splintered nose healed with Snout Soother


I saw results in her splintered nose in less than a week of using Snout Soother!! The dry chunks were coming off and her nose started to look moisturized!
pug dry wrinkles


As a pug, you have to clean the wrinkles daily, and you can get really dry wrinkles from cleaning so frequently. Wrinkle Balm made a huge difference!
brown crusty nose before Snout Soother


Nucky's brown, crusty appearance faded and his snout looked a lot smoother and turned back to it's natural black colour. This balm is amazing and the fact that it's natural and organic is icing on the cake!
Results after just 24 hours of using Snout Soother!


I saw results after only 24 hours of using the Snout Soother on my dogs dry, crusty nose. 5 stars for this all-natural healing balm!
Winter Nose


Our English Bulldog constantly has a dry nose throughout the winter months. Natural Dog Company's Snout Soother saved our bully's nose!
miracle of Snout Soother


Natural Dog Company Snout Soother is a miracle product! Our English Bulldog's nose was so dry & cracked, in a matter of days her cute little nose was nice and shiny once again!
Levi Sore Nose

Levi no longer has that sore nose look

After just 5 days of using Snout Soother my dog no longer has that horrible sore look! Now her nose is nice and smooth.

Angel Bear's Painful Nose with dry pieces

Her poor nose was so dry, it had dry pieces sticking up and it looked painful. I applied Snout Soother last night and today all the dry skin is gone! Her nose looks so much better and I can't believe that happened after only using it twice.

Snout Soother saved Bruno's dry, scaly nose

After about 2 weeks we could notice improvement in his dry, scaly nose. After about a month his nose is soft and wet again! Snout Soother is awesome and I would definitely recommend it!


I started applying Snout Soother on his dry, crusty nose and by Sunday his nose was completely healed!!! This is the first review I have ever left for anything because I felt it was so important to share with others who may also be distressed over their pets suffering from a dry, crusty nose.

Pierre Brando's Puppy Snout

Thank you so much Natural Dog Company for providing us with Snout Soother that heals, protects and doesn’t harm him when he inevitably licks it. We will continue to use this all year round for his puppy snout!

Sofie's Seasonal Allergies

Her allergy shots dry her nose out horribly. I took a chance on Snout Soother, hoping to relieve her misery :( We have been using Snout Soother regularly and are amazed at how great this product is! Her nose is no longer dry and crusty but soft and smooth and her breathing is much improved.

Bear's Sunburn Nose

My dog got a bad sunburn on his nose and it kept re-burning and wouldn't heal for months. I found Snout Soother in a Google search and ordered it immediately. I have to say I am BLOWN AWAY at how quickly his nose healed. I am now a lifetime customer.

Loki the Corgi's Soft Nose & Paws

I love love love my Snout Soother, it keeps my nose super soft and moist during the harsh Canadian winters. They also work wonders on my dry paws too!

Henry has Stenotic Nares Surgery

We noticed his nose was super dry and cracked! We applied Snout Soother daily and VOILA! His nose instantly was smooth and shiny again!

Poodle Noses from Dry to Moist

I use Snout Soother for all my standard, white poodle noses that have become overly dry and rough. I was shocked at how quickly it worked on all their poodle noses! Their noses have improved greatly from dry and a bit crusty to soft, moist and healthy.


The third day I applied Snout Soother, all the tiny rough spikes were rubbing off. My dog now has a smooth healthy looking nose!


After trying everything, we began using Snout Sooother and within a week her nose is much more smooth and soft!


I'm a veterinary nurse and I have tried every product I could think of to help - Vasoline, Vitamin E cream, and lots of natural products...but nothing worked. After applying the Snout Snoother balm once or twice a day, within 4 days her nose looks almost back to normal!


I read about the Snout Soother I thought I'd give it a try. And to my surprise his nose is not as dry anymore. I'm so happy about that.


This stuff is amazing! Tried everything for Meatballs severely dry nose, EVERYTHING! Scabbed over to fixed in 3 days thanks to Snout Soother!


After using Snout Soother on and off (Sophie is not too pleased with it), there really is a difference! No more bleeding nose!
thick crusty nose before using Snout Soother


Her nose got worse, so bad in fact it was thick, dry, cracked, almost down to her nostrils. I didn't know what to do...until I saw your website! Thanks to Snout Soother, she once again has a warm, wet nose.


We received the nose balm on Monday afternoon and I began applying in the morning and evening. After 5 applications of Snout Soother, his nose is "wart" free.

No More Dry Noses

crusty nose


Since we rescued him he's had this dry, crusty buildup on the top of his nose and it was very sensitive. After the first few days Snout Soother really started to heal his dry crusty nose and his nose became shinier, as well!
snout soother


Crunch's nose has been dry, crusty and bothering him for quite some time. We've been looking for a product to help ease the pain and dryness. Snout Soother is exactly what we were looking for because it moisturizes and soothes his nose.


He had a brown, dry, painful crusty nose. We tried many at home remedies with no relief. A google search turned us to Snout Soother and it has been nothing short of a miracle. Even after the first application we saw a difference. As the treatment went on, the dead crust on his nose fell off.


Her nose was horrible, dry and crusty. I put some Snout Soother on her dry nose and I swear within 3 days she was a new dog with a new nose.


Her nose was literally crumbling off in tiny pieces and she would bleed almost daily. We applied Snout Soother once every day for 8 weeks, distracting her with a bone to avoid her licking it off. We are beyond thrilled for her. Huge fans of Snout Soother!
Crust on dog nose

Chester | Crust on Dog Nose

I found Snout Soother which claimed to heal crust on dog nose. Within one day Mr. Chester’s nose was back to normal. Thanks Snout Soother!
dog allergies

Biggie's Dog Allergies

snout soother

Bosco Loves Snout Soother

I wanted to tell you how wonderful the Snout Soother is. We have two Boston Terriers and since moving to Arizona, notice that both of their noses get really dry.
bleeding nose


a bad case of what we lovingly refer to as "The Crud"
thick brown nose
nose lesions

Lola's Nose Lesions