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radiation therapy


Kamy's nose condition appeared after she had radiation therapy for mouth cancer (malignant cutaneous lymphoma). I applied the Snout Soother twice daily and continue to do so. Her poor nose looked significantly better within the first 2 weeks.
Excellent Product - Snout Soother


Just after 3 days of using Snout Soother I noticed a significant change in my dog's dry, crusty nose. Excellent product and great customer service!
brown crusty nose before Snout Soother


Nucky's brown, crusty appearance faded and his snout looked a lot smoother and turned back to it's natural black colour. This balm is amazing and the fact that it's natural and organic is icing on the cake!

Poodle Noses from Dry to Moist

I use Snout Soother for all my standard, white poodle noses that have become overly dry and rough. I was shocked at how quickly it worked on all their poodle noses! Their noses have improved greatly from dry and a bit crusty to soft, moist and healthy.


It's only day 3 and we are seeing shocking results from using Snout Soother. I'm sure we won't be able to live without Snout Soother. No more dry, crusty and cracked nose. It's a miracle!