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Dry Cracked Nose

Rooke's Dry Nose

I found this miracle product, Snout Soother, and it worked on his dry nose in NO TIME!!! His nose looked better and I’m sure his nose felt better after just one use!!! Snout Soother is truly a nose saver!!!
nose infection


I've been using Snout Soother on my bulldog's nose for 2 weeks and I am very impressed with your product and the fantastic results. Her nose is now smooth, moist and the infection is gone!
dry nose


I've tried some over the counter products with minimal result. I saw an advertisement online for Snout Soother by Natural Dog Company. I put Snout Soother on Daisey’s nose and within a day I was seeing improvement in her dry nose.


I applied Snout Soother 2-3 times a day and couldn't believe how quickly we saw results. On about day 2-3 little pieces were flaking off of the dry nose. By day five his nose was back to normal and moisturized!! So happy!!


before using Snout Soother, his nose looked horrible from being dry and crusty. After using Snout Soother for a week his dry nose looks much better - and he's much happier.
Rough Bulldog Nose