Protect Your Dog Against Dry, Rough Paw Pads With PawTection!

Take a moment to feel the bottom of your dog’s paws. Are…
dry nose and bleeding jowl healed


My dog has had a cracked, bleeding jowl for 4 months. I have tried everything to try to heal it. After just a few day of using Skin Soother, her lip is almost healed! I couldn't be happier!!!
rottweiler paws healed with Paw Soother


Rescued puppy mill Rottweiler has very cracked paws from spending most of her life stuck in the backyard. It's like night and day after using Paw Soother!

Elvis with a Dry Pug Nose

I felt terrible, I just knew that his dry pug nose was hurting him! So I decided to look into Snout Soother. I was so happy to get quick results and my boy has his nose back! I will definitely continue using Snout Soother.

Nitro Split Nose

After using Snout Soother, my dog no longer has a dry, cracked or split nose! We are VERY pleased with Snout Soother and will definitely buy more in the future!