How To Naturally Heal Your Dog's Dry, Crusty Nose

If your dog’s nose is dry they need soothing relief right…
radiation therapy


Kamy's nose condition appeared after she had radiation therapy for mouth cancer (malignant cutaneous lymphoma). I applied the Snout Soother twice daily and continue to do so. Her poor nose looked significantly better within the first 2 weeks.
crusty scourge

Tyler's healed nose is a happy nose

Tyler said he recommends this product to all his animal friends because a healed nose is a happy nose. Thank you Natural Dog Company!


We've put Snout Soother on only 1-2 times a day and I honestly can't believe how good her nose is looking! She's lost the awful thick dry crust and the brilliant thing is, her nose is looking lovely and wet like it used to! A bonus is, she's actually a lot better now at us touching her nose!


So my poor dog has been living with this dry, cracked nose for years now. I am amazed at the results with Snout Soother and how quickly the hard crusty skin on his nose just disappeared. After 3 days I saw a noticeable difference and after 5 days his nose back to normal. I can’t thank Natural Dog Snout Soother enough!!!


Nothing helped and then I found the SNOUT SOOTHER. This stuff is awesome!


Cushing’s Disease. His nose got sooo dry it was awful.
Funky nose

Kai's Funky Nose