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Loki the Corgi's Soft Nose & Paws

I love love love my Snout Soother, it keeps my nose super soft and moist during the harsh Canadian winters. They also work wonders on my dry paws too!
nose texture

Sir Charles Barkley Nose Texture

After just a couple days of using Snout Soother, we’ve already noticed a difference in the texture of his nose!

Poodle Noses from Dry to Moist

I use Snout Soother for all my standard, white poodle noses that have become overly dry and rough. I was shocked at how quickly it worked on all their poodle noses! Their noses have improved greatly from dry and a bit crusty to soft, moist and healthy.

Pugs and Kisses Love Natural Dog Company

Snout Soother moisturizes and heals our noses so much better than anything our mom has ever tried before! It is almost like magic! Now thanks to Snout Soother our noses are soft and supple every day! We love the fact that it is safe and natural and of course our mom loves that too.

No More Dry Noses

nose lesions

Lola's Nose Lesions

nose balm

Smokey Loves Nose Balm

We were able to put the Snout Soother nose balm on for approximately three days so far and it looks like the nose balm is making a huge difference!
rough dog nose
sore nose

Rocky's Sore Nose

crusty nose syndrom