Super-Sonic Dog Noses Save Homeowners From Dry Rot

Dogs have the most incredible noses on the planet, just look at Meg and Jess, two awesome working dogs from the UK using their powerful canine noses to fight for the good of all homeowners.

Mark Doggett couldn’t possibly have a more fitting last name for his new occupation, which includes working with his two beloved dogs (Meg and Jess), a Border collie and English springer spaniel. Mark has trained his two smart dogs to sniff out dry rot in older homes where the destructive fungus tends to hide unnoticed.


Talented working dogs Meg and Jess pose with Mark Doggett

Mr. Doggett spent 10 years in the construction industry, during which time he saw plenty of homeowners get burned by dry rot lurking beneath carpets, skirting boards and even concrete. That’s when the entrepreneur had an excellent idea: he would train his dogs to sniff out dry rot and prevent potential homeowners from encountering a rotten mess after it was already too late.

Dogs are not just one-million times better at picking up smells than humans, they are also incredibly smart and hard working. It only took six months of training to get Meg, a four-year-old Border collie, and Jess, a 22-month-old English springer spaniel, ready for the job as a working dog.


Four-year-old Meg hard at work detecting destructive fungus

The dogs are trained to search all over a building for infected areas; if they catch a whiff of dry rot they know just what to do. They stop, stare at the spot and point at it with their super-sonic dog nose, remaining just like this until Mr. Doggett gives them the special signal that their task has been accomplished.

What Is Dry Rot?

2740240C00000578-0-On_the_case_Four_year_old_Border_collie_Meg_gets_down_to_work_sn-m-45_1428108321498The fungus Serpula lacrymans, which thrives off of wood to gain strength, causes dry rot. Dry rot starts off as a microscopic spore but expands from there into a fruiting body that releases new spores. Once the spores go airborne all parts of a property can become damaged, including brickwork, and concrete floors. Without intervention the entire structure will eventually become compromised. Dry rot can go unnoticed for years during which time serious damage has a chance to form unnoticed.

Working Dogs To The Rescue!

30-year-old Mark Doggett from Wolverhampton calls his company Enviro-dogs, which is unique in that they offer dry rot detection services using dogs. The dogs are capable of going to all types of locations, and there is no other form of detection quite as reliable as a dog’s nose. Plus, the dogs love the work, making Enviro-dogs a win-win for all.


Mr. Dogget said, “It’s not really work for the dogs – they see it as the best game in the world and they enjoy it because it’s working on their natural instincts. The dogs are so effective because they can detect dry rot at much earlier stages. In hidden places dry rot can grow for years without anyone noticing it. It can be hard to find but the dogs can detect it through carpet and wall paneling.”

It takes the dogs only a couple of minutes to sniff out each room. The team have encountered a couple of skeptics, but no one doubts the dogs’ work after seeing them in action.

The dog-gone cool service costs around $297 (£200), an incredibly reasonable price considering how expensive dry rot can be if it goes unnoticed. In proof, Mr. Doggett and his dogs have had huge success and plan to expand by training the dogs how to sniff out bed bugs in hospitals and hotels.

2740043E00000578-3025221-By_the_time_there_are_visible_signs_of_dry_rot_serious_damage_wi-m-63_1428108904636Without the help of these dogs dry rot will grow unnoticed, creating serious damage to a home. These working dogs are truly making a difference in the world. Thanks to Meg and Jess, homeowners and businesses have a chance to catch dry rot before any huge issues manifest.

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