Stray Dog Gets Nose Implant To Restore His Sense Of Smell After Being Caught In A Snare

Parys the dog is proof that even when life gets really hard there’s always hope. Not too long ago, Parys was a stray dog living on the streets of Bialystok, Poland when his face became trapped in a snare, literally disfiguring his nose. The injury caused Parys to lose his sense of smell, a dog’s strongest and most reliable sense.

Parys bad luck has since run out. Magdalena Smosarska adopted him, and that’s not the only good news; Parys has also been given the chance to regain his sense of smell. Last week, Parys underwent a new wave surgery to reconstruct his sniffer thanks to Dr. Marcin Elgal.


Dog nose implant inserted into Parys’ nose. Photo Credit: DailyMail

After Dr. Elgal heard about Parys condition he knew he wanted to help. The Polish company Ledo constructed the specially designed dog nose implant, which was invented by Dr. Elgal who works with the Individual Medical Implants Technopark. The implant, inserted during surgery, is tube shaped and built specifically from Parys’ CT scans.

Parys underwent surgery to have the dog nose implant inserted this month and is currently recovering with his loving owner. If all goes well, the implant will restore the physical appearance and functionality of Parys’ nose.


No longer a stray dog Parys is pictured with his new loving owner Magdalena Smosarska. Photo Credit: DailyMail

Dr. Elgal and his team were so motivated to help Parys due to how important a dog’s sense of smell truly is. A dog’s brain is dominated by the olfactory cortex, which includes millions of smell receptors that help dogs analyze their surroundings and survive.

The visual cortex dominates the human brain, leaving humans unable to smell nearly as well as a dog. The average dog has 125 to 220 million smell receptors in comparison with the 5 or 6 million smell receptors humans have. In other words, if Parys is able to regain his sense of smell the former stray dog’s life will be forever changed.


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