Snout Soother Cures Another Crusty Dog Nose!

charlotteDoes your four-legged friend have a dry dog nose, or dog nose condition that seems irreversible, or even unexplainable?

If yes, Helen Boek understands exactly what you are going through. Hellen’s adorable dog Charlotte developed a mysterious white crusty build up on her dog nose, and although Hellen tried everything, it continued to persist. That is until Hellen and Charlotte discovered Snout Soother, a soothing balm for dog noses proven to naturally treat a variety of dog nose conditions. Here, Helen details her story about Charlotte and the dog nose remedy she needed all along.

Helen & Charlotte’s Testimonial:

“Thank you for your cream . . . truly a miracle cream!! My dog’s nose was suffering from some kind of infection for about a month. I live in the desert and thought maybe she had been bit by something or the intense heat was affecting her nose. I had tried applying Neosporin, a natural dog spray, and salt water . . . but with no good results. After one application of your cream, the crusty white stuff fell off Charlotte’s nose and it began healing. After one week, her nose looked almost completely healed. Thank you!!”
-Helen Boek
Borrego Springs California 

You Are So Welcome Helen & Charlotte! 

CharlottebeforeandafterWe wish Helen and Charlotte all of the best, and are so happy to help with Charlotte’s crusty dog nose. With some help from all-natural dog nose balm, Snout Soother, Charlotte has a healthy, smooth, and moist dog nose. Dogs with cracked noses, dogs with chapped noses, and even crusty dog noses are continually relieved of discomfort and symptoms with only a few applications of our all natural dog product, Snout Soother.
Here at Natural Dog we are barking mad about dogs, therefore it fills us with such gratitude each and everyday to help doggies all over the world live a pain-free, pawsome life. We create all-natural eco-friendly dog products with a mission: Saving the World, One Snout At A Time! 
Want to see more proof that Snout Soother really works? Click here to see more before and after Snout Soother photos.
Purchase Snout Soother for your precious pup and we guarantee your dog will thank you!