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Category: Snout Soother


My dog started to get ulcers and peeling skin on his nose. The vet said it was likely Discoid Lupus. After a week of using Snout Soother, you can see a big difference in my dog's n...


My pug has had chronic crusty snout since he was a baby and I attributed it as “just a pug thing”. Vaseline didn’t work, until I found Snout Soother.


When I was looking for a solution to Rosy's crusty nose the French Bulldog on the packaging caught my attention when I came across your brand on an instagram account. Rosy has had ...


Kamy's nose condition appeared after she had radiation therapy for mouth cancer (malignant cutaneous lymphoma). I applied the Snout Soother twice daily and continue to do so. Her p...


Crusty Scourge “My wife and I have been trying to remove/clear this awful, dry, crusty scourge from Lulu’s nose for nearly 3 years. This “yuck” is like it’s glued to her ...


The changes were amazing. We adopted Helga, a 7 year old Frenchie, in Dec 2017. She had a very rough, dry, cracked nose. We saw your products online and decided to give it a try. W...


My dog has had an issue with her dry dog nose, it looked like layers of crusty nose. With Snout Soother, I noticed a difference the next day.


Dermoscent Bio Balm created even more issues Thank you for such a great product line-up. I have my French bulldog (Penelope) on Wrinkle Balm and Skin Soother, and my Ori ...


Vaseline and hydrocortisone cream weren't helping my dog's nose, Snout Soother healed Hyperkeratosis on my dog's nose within a week!