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Category: Skin


Chewed himself so bad, leaving red, bleeding, irritated sores. Our beautifulĀ Lurcher developed very bad dry, cracked, irritated skin almost 2 years ago. It was so bad to the point...


Cold weather caused dog's skin to become very dry and itchy, on top of his allergies. With Skin Soother we saw a dramatic improvement after just one day!


Yeasty, swollen paws Quick review of @naturaldogcompany #SkinSoother ā€“ Olive has had yeasty, swollen paws every day for months. We did Betadine scrubs, fungal creams, antibiotics...


Just after 7 days of applying Skin Soother, his hair grew back on his leg! The dry white flaky dandruff on his body is completely gone! We are so happy that we finally found a nat...

Zoe’s Itchy Scabs Healed with Skin Soother

Last month, she had an allergic reaction on her stomach which developed into dry and itchy scabs. Skin Soother healed her skin to smooth and moisturized.


Oakley had very severe hot spots on her chest and under her arms. After a couple weeks of using Skin Soother her hot spots went away!


He developed a rash on his neck, and nothing helped including taking him to the vet. Skin Soother healed hisĀ dermatitisĀ in just three days!


Staffordshire terrier, pitbull with sensitive skin and skin dermatitis got amazing resultsĀ using SkinĀ Soother and WrinkleĀ Balm!


A rash that just would not go away! My pup Riley had this “rash” on this stomach for awhile (about 3 weeks), but it never really grew in size or blistered, etc. My husb...