White Flaky Dandruff healed with Skin Soother

Zlatko always had terrible skin allergies and issues since he was a young pup. My dog’s skin would produce white flaky dandruff and he was loosing hair patches on his legs. Treatment always recommended were medications given by his vet. Although it seemed to help him, it doesn’t really cure the cure the problem because every year it always shows up again!
This year, we decided to switch his diet completely to all natural food with fresh, clean, home cooked meals. Then, the allergy season came and we looked to find a way to treat his allergies naturally as well. Thankfully on instagram we saw posting from other accounts about Natural Dog Company. We thought, if it’s natural, there’s a great chance it can help him. It sure did! Just after 7 days of applying Skin Soother, his hair grew back on his leg! The dry white flaky dandruff on his body is completely gone!  We are so happy that we finally found a natural product that works for him.

San Jose, CA

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Skin Soother

Skin Soother tin

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