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I used to work for a veterinarian that had a Brittany Spaniel. Buck’s poor nose got crusty, peeled, flaked and looked all around sad. The doc tried several products, researched endlessly and finally gave up. Buck finished the last years of his life with that awful crusty nose.
You can imagine my disappointment when my 7 year old Boxer, Xena, started to show the same symptoms of a dry and crusty dog nose. I tried a few things knowing they wouldn’t work and I felt hopeless from the beginning since even a Veterinarian couldn’t heal his own dog.
Xena’s nose started crackling about nine months ago. You can see in the before picture how dry and gross it looked. Hair was stuck in it, and seemed to grow a layer upon layer of crackling hard crustiness.

I stumbled upon your website one day and read review after review of how great Snout Soother worked. I really didn’t believe it would work, and especially not in ‘days’, but ordered some anyway. Actually the only reason I bought it was that I Googled the Snout Soother and couldn’t find one single negative complaint anywhere on the internet.  Well here we are seven days later. Just look at that pretty, shiny, black nose. It’s actually moist, she seriously has a spark back in her face and I’m astonished.

I saw improvement after 24 hours but was discouraged because she licked so much of it off right as I applied Snout Soother. I applied it two or three times a day for the first five days and she licked a great deal of it off each time. I guess enough is soaking into the crevices of the nose that it is still doing its job. It’s just amazing; I am thrilled. I have slacked down to one time a day and Snout Soother still seems to be working great. I will happily put a dash of this wonder salve on her nose every morning for the rest of her life if that’s what it takes to keep her nose looking that great.  I believe this is the first product I have ever purchased that really was the miracle cure and not a scam.

Thanks so much for saving Xena’s nose!
I am a dog groomer and am actually excited to have a crusty nosed dog walk through the door. I can’t wait for one of our clients to experience the same thrill as me!
UPDATE: I am down to one application a week now on my Boxer’s nose and it is still working great. If you look really close it actually looks like the scar tissue is almost completely gone. I am still astounded.

  • Angela Stanley
  • Groomingdales Pet Spa
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