Armpit Rash Healed with Skin Soother

Whiney, our German Shorthaired Pointer, had been suffering from this awful rash in her armpit. It was inflamed and we caught her scratching all the time. We tried using coconut oil and some Neosporin, but nothing seemed to work and she was always itching. She’s not a young dog, so trying to scratch her front armpit with her back leg was causing her a lot of hip pain and stiffness. We knew we had to find something. I was so happy to find Skin Soother and simply AMAZED at how fast it worked! You could definitely tell it was soothing the itch, she fully enjoyed having it applied. Best of all, Skin Soother healed her month-long armpit rash in just 3 days!! I am blown away…thank you so much.

I especially love that Skin Soother is all-natural. I hadn’t realized how bad it is to put human products on my pets until I did more research. I feel so good about using 100% natural, organic and vegan products now. I now use Skin Soother on myself and my family, I don’t think I’ll use Neosporin ever again!

Denville, NJ

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Skin Soother


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