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Vaseline did not work for this English Bulldog

My English Bulldog had a very dry cracking nose. I had tried previously using Vaseline and some product from PetSmart, but nothing seemed to work. Plus, he would lick it off so I was worried to keep using those products. I found the Natural Dog Company on Instagram and was impressed by the before and after pictures of Snout Soother as well as how fast it seem to work. Plus, it’s all natural so I decided to buy it.

I applied the product with a Q-tip 2-3 times a day and started to see results within a couple of days. I usually would give him treats at the same time so that he is focused on that and not on licking his nose. Even when he did lick his nose, I noticed it was only few times then he would stop. It looks like the product texture and taste doesn’t bother him like the other things I had previously tried, so I was very happy with that. Today it has been 6 days and his nose looks great! I’m super satisfied and can’t wait to try another product from this company!

Vaseline didn’t work for this English Bulldog
  • Liz R.
  • Los Angeles, CA
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