Vada has been suffering from what I believe is dog allergies since I adopted her 3 weeks ago. Her constant scratching has caused lesions and sore spots on her tummy, sides, the base of her tail, and her paws. I tried medicated shampoo, oatmeal scrubs, itch spray, flea/tick treatment and even switched up all her food without any success. The itching still comes and goes along with the red irritated skin from all the scratching.

A friend of mine suggested I try Natural Dog Company products that she used on her pug. I received my order of the Skin Soother on Saturday morning and proceeded to apply the product on the affected areas. Vada loved the soothing massages so much that I ended up applying it pretty much everywhere! Her coat was left with a healthy shine and an awesome smell. Throughout the rest of the day I noticed that she was scratching less as well. By Sunday afternoon when I went to re-apply, I saw that all the redness and irritation had gone away!! I’ve only used Skin Soother twice and can honestly say I’ve seen a huge improvement in Vada’s skin already. I am beyond relieved and so excited to have found a natural product that works like a dream! Thank you Natural Dog Company!!

Los Angeles, California

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