The difference was undeniable

Pawtection worked amazingly on Bubba’s paws to make them less rough and look healthier. At the first application I saw the difference, they immediately looked less chapped. After a couple days of using the difference was undeniable. I felt terrible at Day 4 as it was making such a difference in his right paws, I felt like a bad mother leaving the left chapped! I would definitely recommend Pawtection to anyone looking to solve the issue of dry paws. I can’t wait to try it in our Canadian winters and see how it holds up to snow and salt. The only downside was the greasy paw prints left at the door before we went on his walks, but easily overlooked with the results that came along with it!

Thank you so much for an amazing product and for letting us be a part of this experiment. The product works and Bubba is very thankful his paws are feeling better.


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PawTection tin

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