Ulcers and peeling skin on nose

About 4 months ago, my dog Lou started to get ulcers and peeling skin on his nose. I immediately took him to the vet and they prescribed him some antibiotics. After 10 days I was back at the vet because there was no improvement. The vet then prescribed a steroid cream. It helped a bit, the peeling lessened, and the ulcers would come and go. The vet said it was most likely Discoid Lupus and it would be something we would have to live with.

I figured there must be a better product on the market and started searching the internet. That is when I came across your company and Snout Soother.

Well, after only a week of using Snout Soother, you can see a big difference in Lou’s nose. The ulcers are completely gone, the large crusty chunks are gone, and his nose is feeling more like it’s old leathery self. Thank you for your wonderful product and I will be recommending it to all my friends.

Prince Edward Island, Canada

Products Used

Snout Soother