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Old boxer nose in bad shape

Wow! Snout Soother is amazing! We purchased this for our 11 year old boxer, Tyson. We have only had him for about 6 months and his nose was in pretty bad shape when we adopted him. We took him to our vet and they didn’t mention that we could do anything, so we just figured his nose looking as it did was just part of him being an older dog. It started looking worse, so I googled “dry cracking dog nose” and found Snout Soother. I read the other testimonials and had to try it. I have been applying Snout Soother twice per day, in the morning and again before bed, his nose started looking better in days. The after pictures are after 12 days of using the product. Amazing results!!  Thanks!

Tyson Boxer’s Nose in Bad Shape
  • Paula
  • East Norriton, PA
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