Paw Soother
My Flat Coated Retriever Tyra has always have a problem with dry and cracked paws. I’ve tried so many different paw products but they have never worked out for us. I saw pictures of many healed paws from dogs who had used Paw Soother in just a short amount of time. I have my own company where the biggest goal is to help both dogs and their owners. I immediately contacted a whole seller in Sweden to see if my company could be a retailer of this amazing product. The approved us and I started to try Paw Soother on Tyra’s dry paws. I applied it 2 times a day i 2 weeks.

She had a really bad crack on one of her paw and it healed up completely! Her paws are now soft and free from dryness and cracks.

I normally apply the Paw Soother 2-3 times a week to maintain the softness.

Snout Soother
My Tyra has also have had a dry nose from time to time. I know there are far worse cases than her nose. I applied the Snout Soother 2 times a day in 1 (!) week and it healed up so fast! I have a trick for her not to lick it away as soon as it’s applied. First I apply the Snout Soother and then I immediately start brushing her teeth – which she really loves! It gives the Snout Soother a good amount of time to sink in. I am so pleased with the result and do really recommend my customers to try this product and they have! I now notice dry noses in a way I never did before I came across this amazing product.

Denise Rosén

Product Used

Paw Soother


Product Used

Snout Soother


More about this condition

Paws not only get pets from place to place, they also help regulate body temperature. Dogs breathe through their feet and cool themselves through the middle sections of their pads (and their tongue).

Extreme elements can cause severe injury on dog paws, such as hot pavement, hot sand, sharp bits of ice, or chemicals used to melt the frozen water, so it is essential to take care in protecting dog’s paws.

While winter cold and summer heat often mean extra care of dog paws, it is necessary to protect the animal’s feet year-round. For example, dogs that frequently run around parks or in your backyard can pick up small pebbles between paw pads or cut their pads
on sharp twigs or rocks. Source

It’s important to protect your dog’s paws all year-round with PawTector and heal them with Paw Soother.