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Hyperkeratosis in Dogs

Theo is our 3 1/2-year-old French Bulldog. He has had this condition, which we now know to be hyperkeratosis in dogs, since we got him, but were never able to figure out what it was or what we needed to do about hyperkeratosis in dogs. Several vets we visited had no answers but suggested putting a warm compress on it several times a day, which didn’t seem to ever help. It didn’t seem to bother him, so we were not ever that concerned about the hyperkeratosis. But recently after doing a little more online research we came across your product and decided to order it to see if it might help. And it worked amazingly well for hyperkeratosis in dogs! We saw improvement in Theo’s nose in the first 2 days. The dryed out, horn like crusting on his dry nose just seemed to start breaking apart on day 2 and we were able to wipe it away and find a very healthy pink nose underneath. He doesn’t seem to mind when we put the Snout Soother on and we’re just hopeful maybe he’s feeling a little bit better not having such a dried out nose! Thanks so much for such a wonderful product!

Hyperkeratosis in Dogs | Theo
  • AJ Maxwell
  • Denver, CO
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