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Our Boxer, Teddy, had such a dry, cracked, bulbous nose that I didn’t know what was wrong with him. One day, I noticed a small piece of his nose had actually fallen off. I have had dogs my whole life and had never seen such a thing happen. We took him to the vet, and they thought he probably had hyperkeratosis, and they said to try aloe lotion on his nose. I bought some right away, and after I applied it, Teddy started to sneeze. I decided to do some online research, and came upon your website for Snout Soother. I like that it has natural ingredients, unlike the lotions in the local stores. I saw the before and after pictures, and thought if it really worked that well for those dogs, surely it could help Teddy.

As soon as I received it in the mail, I started using it liberally twice a day. Teddy would try to lick some of it off his nose, but with the natural ingredients, I wasn’t worried that it would hurt him. When our other dog hears the tin open, he comes running over also because he wants to try it too. Snout Soother helped moisturize Teddy’s nose, and the cracked, raised pieces on his nose started gradually crumbling off, revealing a nice, smooth, black nose. After a week or two, his nose was normal again! Since his nose looked so good, I became lax about religiously applying Snout Soother, and now have noticed that his nose is starting to get the cracked appearance again. I am going to keep using Snout Soother again every day, to maintain his beautiful nose so it doesn’t return to the condition that it was before discovering your product. We told our vet about Snout Soother because we are so pleased with the results. I hope that the pictures I’m sending are in high enough resolution that people can see how much better his nose looks. Thank you for coming up with such a wonderful product!

  • Trisha Carr
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