Chronic crusty snout

Teddy has had chronic crusty snout since he was a baby and I attributed it as “just a pug thing”. A white dry line was carved on his tiny nose and it made me sad to see him with it, but Vaseline and other similar products didn’t work. One day while I was playing with him his nose began to bleed from the cracks and I decided to be more proactive and look into something that could help him. My sister told me about Snout Soother and I was apprehensive when I saw the price, it was a little more expensive than what I would usually pay for something so small but, he’s my baby and he’s worth it.

I order the Snout Soother and used it immediately. The smell was so nice and after he licked off a generous amount, he was all set. I had read the reviews about how quickly it worked but I was floored to see the same result with my boy. After a few days of using Snout Soother, he had his puppy nose back! We’re on a schedule of every two days now and I am so glad I got this for him, Snout Soother really is amazing!

Sanford, FL

Products Used

Snout Soother