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Quickly Healed His Sunburn Nose

My two-year-old border collie, Bear, got a bad sunburn on his nose in the early summer. It wouldn’t heal for months and he kept re-burning it and making it worse. I was nervous to put much of anything on his nose because he would immediately lick it off and I didn’t want him getting sick from something that wasn’t meant to be ingested. I got to the point where I wouldn’t let him out in the sunlight for long periods of time so that it didn’t get worse. I found Snout Soother in a Google search and ordered it immediately. I received it last Tuesday and I have to say I am BLOWN AWAY at how quickly his nose healed. I would have never guessed how well your product works. I am now a lifetime customer. Thank you so much!

Bear’s Sunburn Nose
  • Amber
  • Vacaville, California
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