Stacy gets great Paw Soother results with dog socks!

Ordered the Paw Soother and can’t get your dog to stop trying to lick it off? We always recommend waiting until right before bed when they’re relaxed and using distractions like treats, mealtime or a dab of peanut butter. However, sometimes when that still isn’t enough…dog or baby socks are a great option, too!

Check out what Stacy had to say about using socks on her dogs:

I ordered the travel size #PawSoother and #PawTector to try on my dogs. I also got them doggie socks so I don’t have to worry about them licking it all off. I know it’s all-natural and won’t hurt them, but I wanted it to soak into their paws well. It worked like a charm! I will definitely have to order the full size Paw Soother. After an hour with their little socks and the Paw Soother, I can already feel a difference in their pads. Thanks for great products, oh and super fast shipping!”

Stacy L.
Alliance, OH

Products Used

Paw Soother


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