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Sparky Johnson

Bleeding Nose

Sparky Johnson is a pampered pooch…a beautiful boxer…a charming canine…a deserving dog…and a fantastic friend. It comes as no surprise that he lives a life reserved for only a few special 4-legged companions. Like all dogs that have inhabited the Johnson household before him, and to his family’s dismay,

Sparky developed a bad case of what we lovingly refer to as “The Crud”.

At about 7 years old, his snout lost the cool, moist, smooth texture it once possessed. The severe dryness on his dog nose caused cracking and peeling. We knew something had to be done when Sparky’s began to have a bleeding nose. We’re not just talking a few drops of blood, but enough to make it virtually impossible to tell the origin of the bleeding nose. Enough to warrant an emergency trip to the vet. Seeing his nose crack, peel, and bleed over and over was just too much for his family to ignore. It was painful for us to see. Our poor boy had to be in misery.

To combat his condition,

we tried a variety of products. Vaseline, mineral oil, lotions…all were put into service, but nothing seemed to work for his bleeding nose.

Each time we made an attempt to rub the next “miracle cure” onto his sore bleeding nose, his discomfort was obvious. We polled local vets, fellow dog owners, relatives, farmers, shop owners, internet forums, specialty dog catalogs, and basically anyone who would listen. No one could provide us with that elusive “Cure for The Crud”.

Through a random search on Google, we were introduced to Natural Dog Snout Soother, although packaged under a different name at the time. At this point, we would’ve literally tried snake oil to provide our boy with relief of his bleeding nose. We eagerly ordered the Snout Soother and patiently waited for delivery. Something was immediately different with this product. Sparky didn’t fidget or turn away during application. He welcomed our advances and graciously allowed us to massage more and more of the balm onto his desperate nose. Within days (less than a week) we noticed a marked improvement in the appearance of his nose.

No longer did our dog’s nose look like a dried lake bed and no longer did it hang on to every piece of lint it came in contact with.

In a month’s time, Sparky regained that youthful nose he so sorely missed.With daily applications of Snout Soother, we have given Sparky back his perfect proboscis, his smooth snout, his beautiful beak, his natural nose. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product that actually performs as advertised.

image description