Amazing results for Skin Dermatitis using Skin Soother and Wrinkle Balm

Laila had 100% amazing results for her skin dermatitis, using Skin Soother and Wrinkle Balm! Being a staffordshire terrier (a breed under the umbrella pitbull term) she has very sensitive skin. Most of my dog’s issues are yeast infection based from ear infections to skin rashes. For three months her skin got a horrible rash. Not only was she on antibiotics twice (both didn’t help) and a food change to a very high protein/ sensitive skin food; nothing helped her skin dermatitis. Only after 1 week of using the amazing smelling Natural Dog products did her rash go away!! thank you Natural Dog Company for your great products!! I will forever be a customer and recommend it to everyone for all their dogs skin irritations!!


Products Used

Skin Soother


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