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Sir Brutus

Dry Dog Nose

Attached is my gorgeous baby, Sir Brutus. He is 20 months old and has had a peeling, dry, and rough dog nose since he was about 8 months old. I have tried several other natural products on his rough dog nose to no avail. I was searching the web one afternoon in hopes of an organic natural remedy for rough dog noses and came across your company. I ordered the travel size thinking the six or seven bucks would not be missed if it did not work at helping soothe his rough dog nose. I saw immediate results on Brutus’ dog nose. I applied it 2 times the first day, and the flakes were disappearing from his rough dog nose by the second day! His nose is now as soft and squishy as the rest of him! Thanks, and I am a believer now! I recommend Snout Soother to all my friends who also have pets that suffer from dry rough dog noses.

Sir Brutus’ Rough Dog Nose
  • Kimberly Dayton
  • Ohio
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