I ordered both your Skin Soother and Paw Soother. I ordered them for my boy Coonhound named Rodney. For four months now, he has been having allergies from apparently several different things. I have been trying everything, including making his food, washing EVERYTHING with dye and fragrance free detergent and leaving out fabric softener. I took up the new carpet in my living room in case he was allergic to that. His poor paws have been red and itchy and have made him miserable every night. Then, about 2 weeks ago, he had a reaction to a newer collar he had on. He lost fur on the front of his neck and it turned red and he was scratching it all night. It had turned into a hot spot. I am happy to say that your skin soother, after two days has helped TREMENDOUSLY! His neck is healing up SUPER FAST. And his paws have already started to cool off and get back to their natural color. I am soo glad I tried your product, and want to say THANK YOU! ❤ Once again…thanks so much, we are extremely happy with your product!

Homewood, IL

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