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Thick Brown Nose

I am just writing you a quick email as my boxer Rocky wants me to thank you for his wonderful Snout Soother that healed his thick brown nose! Rocky is an 8-year-old rescue dog and is starting to experience a few age-related problems. When his nose began to look dry, thick and brown I assumed it was just old age and there was nothing I could do about it. However, it kept getting worse and eventually there were large, painful looking cracks on his nose as it even changed colour from moist black to a thick brown nose. I began looking for an answer on the internet and came across several boards and forums where other dog owners recommended Snout Soother to help fight thick brown nose.

Although my family thought I was a bit mad, I immediately ordered a tin all the way from America to Ireland. I was delighted with how quickly my order came and how cute the tin is, it is definitely good-looking enough to have on display in my sitting room where I can use it frequently. The Snout Soother itself is great, it has no smell which is good considering it’s going on my dog’s sensitive nose, and the firm consistency is perfect for easy application and staying power. Even though Rocky licks his nose like mad when I put it on, he never quite gets it all off! For the first few days, I used it about 3 times a day and I saw a difference within days. Now, several weeks later, his nose looks great and I only have to use it maybe once every second day. I do find that if I stop for too long, his nose gets bad again, so Snout Soother will be a permanent item in our household from now on.

Another thing that is great is how well it lasts. You only need to use a tiny bit each time and after 2 months use I’m only 1/3 through the tin. So thank you again for your wonderful product, there really is no excuse for anyone’s dog to have a sore dry nose when there is such a fantastic, simple solution. And yes, I use it on my lips as well when they feel dry, but don’t tell Rocky!!!

Rocky’s Thick Brown Nose
  • Amelia Molloy
  • Ireland
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