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A New Snout for Riley

Riley has a new snout! I adopted a sweet 11 yr old cocker spaniel last week and the first thing I noticed about her was her dry, crusty snout. I’ve had cockers all my life, but have never seen this on a dog before. It made her snout appear HUGE and looked very uncomfortable. It didn’t seem to bother her, but it bothered ME. After searching for information online, I found some photos of dogs with hyperkeratosis of the nose. Then I found your site and ordered some Snout Soother. Meanwhile, my vet looked at her nose and confirmed that it was hyperkeratosis, a benign overgrowth of tissue. She said I could try applying some warm, wet compresses followed by Vaseline or Vitamin E. My package of Snout Soother arrived that afternoon so we began the warm water compresses followed by an application of Snout Soother. We did this twice daily, and by the second day, this layer of crud started to come off her nose! One week later, and she has a new snout! She seems so happy with her nice, normal, moist nose, and looks better, too. I’ve attached some before and after pics. Thanks for a great product! Update: She [Riley] actually gets excited when she sees me opening the tin and sits there like a little angel when I apply it. Her vet is very impressed with the condition of her snout, especially since she originally told me that the hyperkeratosis would come back in a week or two, no matter what I used. I apply it twice a day and Riley’s nose has stayed nice and moist and the thick layer of dead cells has NOT come back!

Riley’s New Snout
  • Lucille M Iacovelli
  • Cape Cod, Massachusetts
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