Rhodesian Ridgeback rough, scaly nose

I ordered your Snout Soother a month ago – my old dog had developed an extremely rough, scaly nose that occasionally cracked and bled. There was no obvious cause but research led me to hyperkeratosis – and Natural Dog Company!

I just wanted to THANK YOU for the natural, healthy approach to this problem, and truly terrific product. Within days of apply Snout Soother, Oscar’s nose was looking much better! Just a month later he’s practically back to normal. I’m stunned at the difference in such relatively short time, and so glad the poor old Beast is no longer in discomfort. We’ve decreased application from twice daily to once every other or few days, but we’ll be keeping Snout Soother on hand indefinitely and have been singing it’s praises.

*I wish I had taken some “before” pictures to illustrate the transformation, but I’ll just leave you with a recent pic of Oscar Dog – a healthy, happy (if a bit slow) 11.5 y/o Rhodesian Ridgeback.

Thank you!!

Natalya & Oscar

Products Used

Snout Soother