Raw and irritated skin on his paws completely cleared up within 4 days of using Paw Soother!

I read about Natural Dog Company about two months ago from a friend that had suggested the products to me. I am very particular when it comes to products that I use on my dog because Frenchies are prone to being pretty sensitive and can have a lot of allergies. I wanted something that was as natural as possible and wasn’t going to cause further issues with his problems areas. Since the weather has gotten a little colder and wetter, in between the pads on Winston’s paws were becoming raw and irritated. I did my best to keep them clean and dry at all times, but we all know how difficult that is. That’s when I got online and purchased the Powerhouse Travel Kit so I could try each product.

Within 4 days of using the Paw Soother, the raw and irritated skin on his paws completely cleared up! He never once licked the soother off and there were no issues with it getting everywhere when he walked! I was SO happy! Now we use the PawTection just about every morning before we go on a walk just to prevent further cracking and irritation. I also purchased the Silky Soft Shampoo bar that I cannot rave enough about. It leaves his coat so soft that it’s smoother than my hair! Like most dogs, he gets a little scratchy with dry skin in the winter but the shampoo rehydrates his skin and leaves him smelling so fresh. I absolutely LOVE these products and will definitely be buying more!

Cleveland, OH

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Paw Soother


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