A rash that just would not go away!

My pup Riley had this “rash” on this stomach for awhile (about 3 weeks), but it never really grew in size or blistered, etc. My husband and I left for Florida for a week and when we came back it had grown tremendously, (I’m assuming from the stress of us being gone). I told myself that I would try a couple of things at home to see if it would help and if by 3 days it didn’t look any better I would take him to the vet. Within those 3 days, I did some heavy research and I stumbled upon Natural Dog Company.

I am very cautious and weary of ordering things online for myself, let alone my dog, however, I had an immediate gut feeling that I needed to order the travel size Skin Soother and give it a shot before I take Riley to the vet. It arrived on Sunday and I applied it immediately Sunday night, Monday morning and night, then once every morning till Thursday. Friday morning I woke up and you could BARELY see it! I am so incredibly thankful for this company and the natural products they use. I’m so happy I followed my instincts and I will forever be a customer of Natural Dog Company.

Thank you so much for existing. My dog is truly my child and I only want to do what is best and to make him feel happy and healthy, and your product Skin Soother did just that. I have written my first ever review because that is just how appreciative and happy I am about this product.

Lauren H.
Verona, VA

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Skin Soother


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